Freedom to Dance 2019


This wonderful event has become a beautiful tradition of the annual WDC calendar preceding Blackpool Dance Festival. Once again big congratulations to the organizers Tony & Amanda Dokman, Jonathan Crossley and John Wood. Without you this competition wouldn’t be the same. Amazing atmosphere and experience for both dancers and spectators. The event wouldn’t obviously be the so incredible without the highest-class adjudicators – Bryan Allen (chairman) Vicky Barr, Anne Gleave, Stephen Hillier (MBE), Timothy Howson, Charlotte Jorgenson, Hazel Newberry (MBE), Augusto Schiavo, Alan Shingler, Robin Short, Carmen Vincejl, Franco Formica, Jukka Haapalainen, Karen Hardy, Paul Killick, Nicola Nordin, Sergey Surkov, Allan Tornsberg, Denise Weavers.

We are also very thankful for your very kind donation received to the Competitors Commission

All the results are available: