History of Competitors Commission

The  WCDC/ T.C.C. was founded around 1988.

The first members included Marcus Hilton, Steve Powell and Mark Parkin.

The organisation was born due to the escalating problems competitors were facing around the world.

In recent times, The Competitors Commission became the official Competitors Voice and Union within the WDC.

Aims of our Commission
  • To protect and further the rights and interests of all WDC registered competitors worldwide.
  • T.C.C. will seek to co-operate with all international and national bodies to further the successful organisation of competitive dance events that are held in a free and open manner under the rules of the WDC.
  • To oppose any restrictive practices or regulations which seek to place barriers in the way of open participation in international and/or domestic competitions under the rules of the WDC.
  • T.C.C. will defend and seek to widen the access of all WDC registered professional competitors to their natural markets.
  • The T.C.C. acts as the official commission for competitor’s issues in the WDC.
  • To uphold and advance the rights of all WDC registered competitors worldwide. 
What is Commission ? What we do ?


The Competitors Commission is an official commission of the World Dance Council. As 

representatives for the Competitors we have voting rights on the Competitive Dance 

Executive Board (CDEB) of the World Dance Council (WDC) which puts us in the unique 

position of being able to help shape the future of our business and as per our official slogan 

allows us to be the ‘Competitors Voice”.


The Competitors Commission is an organization that sits as a voting entity on the 

Competitive Dance Executive Board of the World Dance Council, the ruling body for 

Competitive and Social Dancing worldwide. 


We are a Committee of international Competitors who are dedicated to upholding the rights of our members and our Managing Committee 

includes current and former World Champions as well as many National Champions.

We are there to answer all your queries let me explain our function in plain terms:We are 

there to protect you, take up your problems and help you solve them, and be your voice on 

the Competitive Dance Executive Board, the body that makes all decisions concerning 

Professional Dancing worldwide.


That means we are your voice, your protection and your problem solvers. So if you have a 

problem you feel you cannot tackle either in your Country or at a competition, please 

contact us and we will take up your case in full anonymity.